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EL34 ValveAt Valve Heaven, we understand that the connection between a musician and their amp is unique - a valve amplifier is not just an amp, it’s a vital extension of your creativity and sound.

We are passionate about valve amp design and committed to providing musicians with a range of handcrafted valve amplifiers - from "The Stack" amplifier, our 1/3W pint sized powerhouse which creates huge rock tones at manageable home levels, to “The Lamington”, our very well received 15W combo amp. We are also available to craft custom amplifiers designed in partnership with you, the guitarist.

We also have a history at Valve Heaven of passing on years of experience in valve technology to the next generation. 

“The Lamington” amplifier design is available for free download, and has been successfully built in home workshops across the world.  Support for amp builders is now available via the Lamington Construction Manual and Amp Kit.  We developed the weekend Valve Heaven Amp School to provide further training in valve amplifier theory - students deepen their knowledge while they construct their own 15W Lamington valve amp with mentor support.

See below for an overview of the current designs and training opportunities offered by Valve Heaven.

Grant Wills, Valve Heaven

The Stack valve guitar amp by Valve Heaven

Introducing 'The Stack'

An innovative 1/3W valve guitar amp design from Valve Heaven that creates true stadium rock tone at manageable home volume.  No longer do you have to annoy the neighbours to get a great tone - you won't believe the huge sound that this little powerhouse produces! 

Now available.

More info & downloads here
   The Lamington 15W combo valve guitar amplifier

'The Lamington' combo amplifier

A 15W valve guitar combo amplifier based on the extremely popular Lamington amp design from Valve Heaven.  Beautiful warm cleans and huge overdrive tone from this handcrafted combo amp.   

More info here.
Valve Heaven Amp School student

Valve Heaven Amp School 

This weekend training school is designed to provide you with a deeper understanding of valve theory combined with skills mentoring as you construct your own 15W Lamington valve guitar amplifier head. Valve Heaven Amp School tours to most Australian capital cities.  More info here.

The Lamington DIY Kit 15W valve guitar amplifier   
The Lamington: DIY 15W valve guitar amp –

This 15W valve guitar amplifier design by Valve Heaven produces big warm cleans 
and a huge overdrive tone.  The Lamington Amp design has been available as a free resource on this site since 2008.  More info

Valve Heaven DIY 15W valve guitar amp constructors manual

The Lamington:  DIY 15W valve guitar amp Construction Manual

The Valve Heaven Lamington Constructors Manual is ideal for the newcomer to amp building. The manual provides comprehensive step by step DIY instructions for successfully building your own Lamington Amp and comes with email backup for support.  

More info here.

The Lamington DIY Amp Kit 15W valve guitar ampThe Lamington:  DIY 15W valve guitar amp –Amp Kit

The Lamington Amp Kit includes all the parts necessary to build your own Lamington 15W valve guitar amp head.  It contains the very comprehensive Lamington Construction Manual with email backup.  Just supply some basic tools and the cabinet of your choice, and you are on your way.  More info here.