The brand new Lamington III amp design

Lamington IIII am very excited to announce an all new “Lamington” amp design – the Lamington III. I have received a lot of requests for a higher powered “Lamington” amplifier, and this new design is ideal for those wishing to build their own 40W guitar amp.

Details can be found here


6 thoughts on “The brand new Lamington III amp design”

  1. Hi Grant, I’m happily soldering away using the lamington 3 instructions you sent. Thanks for a quick delivery!
    I noticed that the layout provided in the manual has the polarized 22uF cap (C1) on pin 8, but the schematic has it on pin 3. It is my understanding this could change the tone. Which position do you recommend in the end?
    Also, on the power supply components list, R3 no longer exists, and I think the values listed for R5 and R6 could be updated.
    I’m hopefully a few hours away from power-up. Having a ball!

    1. Hi Matthew,
      Great to hear you are progressing with your build.
      Re C1, yes there is a discrepancy between the circuit and layout – the amp will work either way.
      Thanks for your comments re R3-5 on the power supply – noted.
      Have fun!

  2. This seems to be interesting! Glad to hear about this brand new lamington iii amp design. It would help us understand better if you can provide some more images of the actual amp. 🙂

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